Need design support for your product or business?



We offer various levels of monthly product development support and consulting.

By billing on a monthly basis, instead of hourly, it allows you to more predictably estimate your total cost, and it guarantees that we will always be available to provide priority support to you.

Regardless of your location we can help you develop your product.  Although we’re based in the United States, we work with people all over the world including Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, India, Turkey, Brazil, Canada, and others.



Predictable Designs has played a key role in getting our product to the next level.”

Armani Williams

Founder, LocShark



Our support packages are ideal when…


– You need engineering consulting on designing, prototyping or manufacturing a new electronic product.

– You want independent engineering reviews of schematic circuit diagrams and/or PCB layouts.

– You need a design engineer to support your programmers, industrial designer, and/or manufacturer.


  • Email consulting for one person
  • Great for entrepreneurs


  • Email consulting for a team
  • Monthly design reviews


  • Email consulting for a team
  • Weekly design reviews
  • Monthly phone consultation



If you want us to design a new product then please see our Predictable Design Packages.

Our support plans are automatically billed on a monthly recurring basis. You can cancel at any time.