Learn the cost to develop, scale, and manufacture your new electronic product before you spend a cent to develop it.

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Predictable Hardware Report

A cost analysis, engineering review, and risk assessment of your new electronic hardware product.

(Designed for pre-prototype electronic hardware startups.)

Get estimates for...

Development costs

Scaling costs

Manufacturing cost

Part costs broken down by product function

Plus you'll get...

Block diagram of the electronics

Part numbers of key components

Timeline of major milestones

Suggestions to lower costs & risks

Profit and sales price estimations

BONUS:  Includes 2 weeks of private consulting with me!

If your product qualifies you'll also be sent a sample report to review.

How far along do I need to be with my product?  What information is required?

All you need is a product concept.  No prior development or prototype is necessary.  We'll need a list of product features and a description of your product.

How do you estimate the manufacturing cost of a product before developing it?

We do it by pre-designing your product.  For example, when designing a new electronic circuit the first step is to select all of the components, then the next step is to connect them all together in a schematic circuit diagram, followed by the design of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB).

For this report we select the electronic components without actually connecting everything together in a schematic diagram.  This allows us to estimate the component cost and PCB cost without completing the full design.

We can also accurately estimate the enclosure cost before the prototype is completed since that cost is primarily determined by the type of plastic used, the volume of plastic required, and the number of cavities in the injection molds.  Other costs such as product assembly, testing, scrap, shipping, etc. are estimated in a similar fashion.

You'll get estimates for all of these costs...

Manufacturing Costs

  • Electronic parts
  • Assembled PCB
  • Molded plastic parts
  • Stamped metal parts
  • Retail package
  • Final sssembly
  • Product testing
  • Scrap
  • Product returns
  • Shipping freight
  • Duties
  • Warehousing

Development Costs

The Electronics

  • Schematic design
  • PCB layout design
  • Prototyping
  • Testing & debug

The Enclosure

  • Industrial design
  • Mechanical design
  • 3D Modeling
  • Prototyping

The Retail Package

  • 3D model design
  • Artwork design
  • Prototyping


  • Firmware development
  • Mobile app design

Scaling Costs


  • FCC
  • UL / CSA
  • CE
  • RoHS

Production Setup

  • Low volumes molds
  • Mid volume molds
  • High volume molds
  • Assembly fixtures


  • Patents & trademarks
  • Product liability insurance
  • Offshore factory audit
  • Antenna tuning

NOTE: Manufacturing costs are estimated for volumes of 100, 1k, 10k, and 100k units.  Manufacturing in the U.S. is assumed for 100 and 1k pieces, Asia for 10k and 100k units.

What People Are Saying About the Predictable Hardware Report

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“A no-brainer as a first step!”

Predictable Designs offers the most efficient and painless route I’ve seen for developing a new electronic product."

David Heisley
- Former Sr. Design Engineer for Texas Instruments

“Perfect for those developing new electronic products.”

“Whether performing early stage vetting of return on investment, developing detailed cost breakdowns or looking for an objective outside assessment, it will prove its value.”

Ray Crampton
- Former VP of Engineering at Nitronex
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Easily paid for itself in both helping me spot areas of product risk and in giving me an education in what it takes to get a hardware product to market.

“As a hardware product first timer like myself, I needed to understand development and manufacturing costs to know if I should even pursue my idea. The report gave me the visibility into every part of the product cycle and helped me make key product decisions.”

Steve August
- Founder, Poinyent
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Helped us move the company down our envisioned path.”

Predictable Designs has played a key role in getting our product to the next level.

Armani Williams
- Co-founder, LocShark
John Teel
Founder of Predictable Designs

About John Teel

I’m John Teel, a product design engineer, serial entrepreneur, and the founder of Predictable Designs.

Previously I was a senior design engineer at Texas Instruments (TI) where I designed several super successful electronic devices now used in millions of products on the market.  I've also helped dozens of entrepreneurs develop their new hardware product.

Finally, I also developed my own product, had it manufactured in Asia, and sold in over 500 retail locations in three countries.

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BONUS:  Includes 2 weeks of private consulting with me to ask any questions!

If your product qualifies you'll also be sent a sample report to review.

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How far along do I need to be with my product?  What information do I need to provide?

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NOTE: We originally offered a lower cost service which only included estimates for the development and scaling costs, but not the manufacturing cost (which is the most important and difficult to calculate).  It also didn't include an engineering analysis or risk analysis of your product.

DISCLAIMER: All costs specified in this report are estimates only. Predictable Designs assumes no responsibility or liability for any estimates that differ from the final cost.