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Introduction to 3D Modeling Using Fusion 360

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In this video you’ll get an introduction to 3D modeling using the software Fusion 360 from Autodesk.

This short video is actually only a single lesson from an in-depth training course available for members of the Hardware Academy.

In the … read more


Introduction to the STM32CubeIDE for STM32 Microcontrollers

Published on

This article is about using the STM32CubeIDE to develop applications for STM32 microcontrollers. Why develop an application using the STM32Cube IDE, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of using this method?

The STM32CubeIDE is a complete development system to … read more


Introduction to Online Marketing and Audience Building

Published on

In these two videos (and transcript if you prefer reading) you’ll learn about online marketing and the audience building. Although these videos were made specifically for hardware startups wishing to learn marketing, they also apply equally well for service businesses.… read more


Introduction to the STM32 Blue Pill (STM32duino)

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If you are planning to use an Arduino module such as the Uno for your project, then you should consider an STM32duino instead.

Commonly referred to as the STM32 Blue Pill, this board has nearly all the capabilities of the … read more

Video – 7 Strategies to Develop a New Product

Published on

There are multiple ways for you to develop a new physical product and bring it to market. However, the strategy that is best for you depends on your specific experience, your product, your team, and your finances. There is no … read more


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