“John is simply the best engineer I have ever worked with. Not only did he provide a hardware prototype that worked flawlessly out of the box, he also provided consultation and ultra-detailed information about all the neccassary steps for the project , from concept to final product. His passion, in-depth knowledge, attention to every detail, professionalism, and steadfast work ethnic make John a rare breed and truly remarkable person to work with. He has my respect and highest recommendation.”

– Tav Shande, Entrepreneur


“I worked with John at Texas Instruments for more than 3 years, he is one of the best design engineers I have ever met, he had designed a lot of successful ICs for our group, the LDO he designed 12 years ago still sales very well. I am so glad I have worked with him and I learned a lot from him.”

– Feng Luo, Lead Analog Design Engineer at Intersil, Inc.


“John did contract work as a designer for the linear power team while I was at Texas Instruments [as a Design Manager]. During that time, John worked on several difficult high performance LDOs where design fundamentals and attention to detail are critical. Despite the fact that John worked remotely his track record for delivering production worthy silicon was the best in our group. His design work and tape-outs were always on schedule and his projects always ran smoothly. Suffice it to say that John is self motivated and does not require much oversight to get his work done. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again.”

– Jamie Langlinais, Analog Engineer at Apple


“John is a superb analog IC design engineer, one of the best I’ve ever worked with. His designs are carefully thought out, executed on schedule, and have a well-deserved reputation for first-pass success. He is also an excellent team player, getting things done in a team environment without friction or drama. Project Managers, layout designers, fellow design engineers, and marketers all love to work with him both because he approaches every task with a can-do attitude and gets things done without drama.”

– Dave Heisley, Senior Design Engineer at Texas Instruments


“I worked with John for 5 years while he was a Sr. Design Engineer at Texas Instruments. We worked together to successfully define, develop and release several ICs that sold in the millions and tens of millions of units to large electronics OEMs. John has great attention to detail, integrity and a strong desire to create something that provides value in the market. He builds good relationships with those he works with and is open to new approaches to solve problems and stays calm when the waters around him are not.”

– Ray Crampton, MMIC Product Line Director at Microsemi


“John and I worked together on numerous projects at TI. He was a mentor to me doing an ASIC design, and was a pleasure for my test team to support on other designs. John’s products were always the best performing and best selling of any of the LDO’s in our power management product line. His designs still lead in revenue for the Low Power business unit.”

– Stan Stachowiak, Engineering Professional


“John and I worked together on numerous projects at TI. He was one of the lead designers I work with in numerous project for our group. He also was a mentor to me in the Tape our process. His patience and the tools he developed , for a more manageable and organized way of tape out process, make the learning easy and fast . All the projects we worked together, which he designed, were top of the line design and the design brought good revenue to our group. As of today we still using some of John’s designs in new developments.”

– Oscar Valdez, IC Mask Designer at Texas Instruments


“I can highly recommend John as a very dedicated and talented IC Design Engineer. John worked for me directly designing Linear Regulators for TI and made many great contributions to the team.”

– Bob Atwell, Former Design Engineering Manager at Texas Instruments


“It has been a pleasure to work with John over the past several years. His attention to detail is exceptional, and he provided inputs in a timely manner. His years of experience proved to be valuable so no time was lost in producing the designs he created. Please contact me any time in regard to John.“

– Jim Hallsted, IC Layout Designer at Texas Instruments


“John is an excellent IC design engineer who is extremely detailed oriented. His execution with respect to project plan and schedule is top-notch. While he continues to deliver on-time design, he does not overlook the quality of products delivered. I highly recommend John Teel as an outstanding employee in any company.”

– Tee Wei Lim, Former Project Manager at Texas Instruments


“John is a detailed orientated designer. He does a thorough job of evaluating his design before submitting it for layout. When John completes his design, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the device will work. John is very careful and hard working to make sure there are no issues forgotten about.”

– Lupe Sanchez, Project Manager at Texas Instruments


“John and I worked together on a chip design at TI. John paid close attention to the fine details of the design, and worked hard to ensure the end product would meet the customer’s needs. He grew into a strong design manager and entrepreneur. I would highly recommend him based on his strong work ethic.”

– Randall Cooper, Chief Technologist – Battery Management at Texas Instruments


“John provided me continued support throughout the project, even after the initial job was “complete”, to ensure my complete satisfaction. I had questions about part numbers and dimensions which he promptly answered. He remained cool headed and cordial throughout the project. His fees were very reasonable and was willing to work with me on subsequent changes. I highly recommend John for any electrical engineering work. Thank you!”

– Benjamin Lee, Entrepreneur