Ultimate Guide – How to Develop a New Electronic Hardware Product in 2019

Published on by John Teel

So you want to develop a new electronic hardware product?

Let me start with the good news – it’s possible. You can develop a hardware product regardless of your technical level and you don’t necessarily need to be an engineer to succeed (although it certainly helps).

It’s easier now in 2019 than ever before to develop a new electronic product.

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How to Add Voice Recognition to Your New Hardware Device

Published on by John Teel

Thanks to Amazon, Google, and Apple, voice recognition has finally gone mainstream.

I’ve personally dreamed about intelligent voice recognition since I was a kid tinkering with electronics and programming my Commodore 64.

Listening to my son interact the other day with our Amazon Echo smart speaker I definitely realized that my childhood dream is finally here. Although, I am still waiting for levitating, self-driving cars.

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Using Arduino as an Embedded Development Platform

Published on by John Teel

NOTE: This is a guest post by Shawn Litingtun, an amazing electronics engineer that I work with closely. He is also one of the experts inside the Hardware Academy available to answer your technical questions.

An Arduino, or more specifically an Arduino architecture, can be successfully used in some embedded designs. This can provide a less technically complex path to market for many makers.

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Advanced Guide on Interfacing with a Video Display

Published on by John Teel

NOTE: This article is a guest post by Shawn Litingtun. Shawn is an extraordinary electronics designer. He has an insanely comprehensive understanding of many topics in electronics and has extensive knowledge on electrical certifications. I’m yet to ask him a question about electronics that he can’t answer! He is also one of the experts inside the Hardware Academy available to answer technical questions.

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What Path Should a Techie Follow to Bring a New Product to Market?

Published on by John Teel

I’m going to start with a story about an engineer named Gary.

Like many engineers and makers, as a child Gary always loved playing with electronics and computers, so it was no surprise that he ended up with an electrical engineering degree. He spent his free time as a teenager tinkering around with circuit boards and building odd ball things like a dial joke machine.

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8 Essential Tips for Hardware Startup Success

Published on by John Teel

It’s a long, rough, expensive journey to take a hardware product from idea to market. That journey becomes even longer, rougher, and more expensive when you end up taking the wrong path.

So I want to share eight tips with you that will speed up your journey and make it a bit easier and less expensive too. These tips will help keep you on the right path to success.

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12 Ways to Fund Your Hardware Startup – Part 2

Published on by John Teel

In part one of this two part article, we looked at seven strategies to raise money during the early to mid stages of your startup.

This included self-funding, bringing on co-founders, borrowing from friends and family, angel investors, crowdfunding, startup accelerators, and new product contests.

Now, in part two we’re going to look at some of the later stage methods of funding your hardware startup.

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