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Why You Must Avoid Invention Promotion Firms (and Never Use the Word Invention or Inventor)

Published on by John Teel

Invention promotion firms want one thing – your money. They don’t really care if your product is a success or not, because they are only focused on scamming you and taking your money. They have no interest in seeing your product succeed.

To hook you, they focus on telling you what they think you want to hear, instead of what you really need to hear.

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Should You Raise Money for Your Startup? If So, When?

Published on by John Teel

Should you raise money for your startup, and if so when?

The short answer is yes, you probably will need to raise money for your hardware startup. It’s very difficult to completely scale a hardware startup without, at some point, raising money.

However, the key is to wait as long as possible to raise that money.

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Why You Need an Audience and How to Build One for Your New Product

Published on by John Teel

I can’t stress enough how critical it is to have an audience for your product.

Having an audience helps you gather feedback on what features you should include in your product, and it is critical whenever you run a crowd funding campaign or begin selling your product.

The biggest mistake I see entrepreneurs and startups make is they wait until they complete product development before they give any serious thought to marketing or sales.

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Is Your Product a Good Idea?

Published on by John Teel

This is a very difficult question, and one I’m always a bit hesitant to answer. But, let’s start by breaking down what it means for a product idea to be “good”.

To most entrepreneurs a good idea is obviously defined as one that will eventually make a lot of money, or that will perhaps change the world if that is the goal.

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The Solo-Founder Maverick Versus a Co-Founder Team

Published on by John Teel

Should you go at your hardware startup on your own, or is it better to have a team of co-founders? Is one option clearly better than the other, or does it depend on the founder and the product?

There isn’t one clear winner that is the same for every person and every product. As with many things in life the answer isn’t simple or obvious, and it instead depends on your exact situation.

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Patent or Prototype: Which Should Come First?

Published on by John Teel

Which should you start with first, a patent or a prototype? The large majority of entrepreneurs start the process of bringing their product idea to market by either focusing on a patent or a prototype.

But should you really focus on either of these as your very first step for your product?

Actually, before I answer that question let’s first talk about patents, then we’ll discuss prototypes, and finally I’ll answer which should be your first priority.

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