How to Update Embedded Firmware Over-The-Air (OTA)

Published on by John Teel

You will learn the process for Over the Air (OTA) updates of firmware on IoT devices without having to physically interface with the device. We’ll review a simple example using Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers. ... read more

A person working on a computer Description automatically generated

Introduction to 3D Printing

Published on by John Teel

Learn the basics of 3D printing, including the pros and cons of 3D printing as a general technology and its appropriate use cases. We’ll also discuss four different 3D printing technologies. ... read more

Migrating from Arduino to STM32 Microcontrollers

Published on by John Teel

Arduino is a fantastic platform for learning electronics and building proof-of-concept prototypes, but it’s not typically feasible for commercial products. Discover what it takes to migrate from Arduino to an STM32 microcontroller. ... read more

From Arduino Prototype to Manufacturable Product

Published on by John Teel

This article will first teach you how to choose the right Arduino board for your product. Then you will learn how to design a custom board that retains some of the main features of an Arduino, including the relative ease of developing custom applications. ... read more

Introduction to Microcontrollers

Published on by John Teel

Discover what a microcontroller is, how it differs from a microprocessor, and the critical specifications you need to understand in order to pick the best one for your specific product application. ... read more

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