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USB battery charger

Introduction to Battery Chargers

Published on by John Teel

One of the most common types of electronic circuits used in modern portable electronic products are battery chargers, specifically those for recharging lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries. This article will review three common battery chargers ranging from simple to more complex. ... read more

What’s Inside a Smartphone?

Published on by John Teel

Modern smartphones are marvels of technology, and it is really impressive how much technology is crammed into such a compact device. Find out what it takes to build a functional smartphone. ... read more

Electronic Lab Setup – Tools and Equipment Requirements

Published on by John Teel

If you are a maker or engineer planning to develop your own electronic product, then you’re going to need a way to test, program, and debug the electronics. In this article I will discuss how you can construct your very own lab setup for testing out all your product concepts. ... read more

Introduction to the ESP32 WiFi / Bluetooth Wireless Microcontroller

Published on by John Teel

The ESP32 is a very versatile System On a Chip (SoC) that can be used as a general purpose microcontroller with quite an extensive set of peripherals, including wireless capabilities. Discover why it’s popular with the maker community, and how it can be implemented as a great low-cost solution for mass production. ... read more

A picture containing building, person, outdoor, holding Description automatically generated

Introduction to Developing Wearable Technology Devices

Published on by John Teel

Developing a wearable electronic product involves juggling design constraints and compromises in ways that are quite different from conventional designs. This article defines the main design constraints for wearable tech products. ... read more

Using Arduino as an Embedded Development Platform

Published on by John Teel

This article will teach you how to choose the right Arduino board for your hardware product. Learn to design your own custom boards that retain some of the main features of Arduino, including the relative ease of developing custom applications. ... read more

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