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Resources for entrepreneurs developing new electronic hardware products.

How to Select the Best Display for Your Project

Published on by John Teel

Choosing the right display is absolutely critical, but the available choices can be quite overwhelming. In this article you’ll learn all about the different types of displays commonly incorporated into electronic devices. ... read more

Teardown of an Amazon Echo Dot

In this article, I will teach you about product development by tearing down an Amazon Echo Dot, which is a great product to use as an example. The Echo Dot is an advanced tech product, yet it’s not so complex as to be completely overwhelming. ... read more

Introduction to Transistors

The circuits I’ll cover in this article are more complex than previously discussed. You will learn about the functionality and applications of bipolar-junction transistors (BJT) and field-effect transistors (FET). ... read more

An Introduction to Basic Electronics

If you are developing an electronics product, but you aren’t an electrical engineer, this article is for you. It provides an overview of all the basic electronic principles you need to understand in order to effectively manage your hardware startup. ... read more

From Arduino Prototype to Manufacturable Product

Creating a prototype based on an Arduino (or Genuino outside the US) is an excellent start to bringing a new electronic hardware product to market. Keep reading to discover the most straightforward strategy to transition from an Arduino prototype to a truly sellable product. ... read more

Introduction to Injection Molding

The plastic enclosure for your consumer electronics product is more expensive than the electronics to scale to manufacturing. Learn what to expect when using injection molded plastic technology for your own tech product. ... read more

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