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Resources for Entrepreneurs Creating New Electronic Products

Join over 60,000 other entrepreneurs. Discover the 15 steps to develop and sell your new electronic product.

Are you an entrepreneur, startup, or small company developing a new electronic hardware product? If so, you've come to the right place. 

As a design engineer and an entrepreneur that has brought my own hardware product to market, I understand all of the obstacles you are facing bringing your product to market.

The goal of Predictable Designs is to help you succeed by teaching you how to properly validate, develop, prototype, manufacture, market, and sell a new electronic hardware product.

Begin learning with our blog, podcast, technical articles, videos, and courses.

If you read only one thing about product development make it this free PDF guide: Ultimate Guide – How to Develop and Sell Your New Electronic Hardware Product

Finally, when you're ready to get serious with your project and you need expert guidance, training, and connections then consider joining our hardware startup incubator program called the Hardware Academy.

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"Predictable Designs offers the most efficient and painless route I’ve seen for developing a new electronic product."

David Heisley Former Sr. Design Engineer, Texas Instruments

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