Want To Develop a New
Electronic Hardware Product?

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Are you an entrepreneur, startup, or small company developing a new electronic hardware product? If so, you've come to the right place.

As a design engineer and an entrepreneur that has brought my own hardware product to market, I understand all of the obstacles you are facing bringing your product to market.


At Predictable Designs we do things differently than other product development firms. We specialize in electronic hardware products, and our goal is to help you proceed with your product in a more predictable fashion. 


We tell you what you need to hear, which may not always be what you want to hear.

Is your product feasible to develop?

If so, can you afford to develop it and how long will it take?

Can your product be mass manufactured?

Most importantly, can it be manufactured and sold at a profit?

Those are questions that you need to answer at the very beginning. Don't wait until you're a year or two into the project before you know the answers to these questions.

To learn how you can answer these questions keep reading below...


"Predictable Designs offers the most efficient and painless route I’ve seen for developing a new electronic product."

David Heisley Former Sr. Design Engineer, Texas Instruments

If you are at the product idea stage (or maybe you have a prototype based on an Arduino or Raspberry Pi) then ​the Predictable Hardware Report is just right for you. It will help you answer these absolutely critical questions.

This custom report service includes a preliminary design of your product with selection of all the required production components, an engineering feasibility review, and a detailed cost analysis.

You also get private consulting time with me and referrals for developers, suppliers, and manufacturers.

By starting with a preliminary design we can accurately estimate the cost to develop and scale your product, as well as the actual cost to manufacture it.

It's essential that you know your manufacturing cost as early as possible in order to determine if your product can be made and sold at a profit.

Your only chance of success requires that you have honest and realistic expectations on all of the complexities and costs that lie ahead.

If you're ready to get serious about bringing your product to market then check out the Predictable Hardware Report.

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