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AirDeveloppa helps users find local businesses with clean indoor air. It is an air quality ecosystem (IoT+Blockchain+Air Quality).

Our solution provides businesses such as gyms, cafes, restaurants, coworking spaces and hospitals with an air quality monitoring device and air purifier. Businesses can clean the air at their venues and send real-time air quality data to our server.

By providing a mobile phone app, people that care about air quality can find businesses with clean air and choose to spend money in those venues because of this information.

Furthermore, to guarantee the trust of the system, users can verify that the venues are being fair (not placing the sensor on top of the air purifier or box) by scanning a QR code on the device and answering some questions.

In return, they will get money in the form of Bitcoin using the Lightning Network. If a business gets a positive  check from a customer, they get reputation points, further improving their chances of patrons visiting their premises.

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Roberto Weiser

Details on the founders(s):

The founder of AirDeveloppa is Roberto Weiser, an electrical engineer with a masters degree in renewable energies. He has 7 years of experience bringing electronic products from concept to market.


Stefan King is the company’s blockchain architect. He is a local blockchain educator and community organizer with a MS in Artificial Intelligence. He has a decade of experience in software marketing.


Bryan St. Onge oversees marketing and sales for AirDeveloppa. He is a medical device consultant and crypto enthusiast.


Milan Sillik is AirDeveloppa’s Android app developer. He is a software engineer and Android entrepreneur who owns the world’s most downloaded calendar widget for Android. He has a decade of experience in Android development & Google Play marketing.


Aaron Rappaport serves as the mechanical design engineer for AirDeveloppa. He also runs a product development company that helps clients successfully launch their products.

What fundamental problem does your product solve?

Air quality is slowly becoming as important as water quality. Recent studies have shed light on the dangers of  constant exposure to PM2.5.


We believe that health-conscious individuals will evaluate where to spend their time and money depending on air quality.


Also, businesses that care about air quality and have already purchased air purifying equipment, don’t have an effective way to advertise their air quality to their clients. We provide the bridge that connects both parties.

Market description:

AirDeveloppa is for health-conscious individuals and people with respiratory and/or cardiovascular conditions.


It is also for businesses such as gyms, cafes, restaurants and coworking spaces that are concerned about air quality.

Market and competitive research:

There are many air quality sensors on the market with Apps, Purple Air for instance. However, they focus on sensing outdoor air quality  and do not empower users in any way.

Current project status:

The air purifier, as a solo product, has been on the market for around 2 years and has sold around 2,700 units so far.


The rest of the ecosystem (the app, the hardware device and supporting backend) has been prototyped and is about to be field-tested in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Is the product currently available for sale?


Suggested retail price:

The air purifier retails for around $50, and the AirCheck Business rent is $25 per month.

If you have a website please share here:

Funding methods used so far:

Seeking outside funding?


Patent status:

AirDeveloppa has a trademark in the UK and Thailand. The AirCleaner has a design patent in the UK and Thailand.

Product brochure:

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