Advice and resources for entrepreneurs creating new electronic hardware products.

Top 10 Most Popular Blogs for 2020

Published on by John Teel

I think most of us are more than happy to see 2020 come to end! It’s obviously been a very challenging year for the world.

But there are always some good things happening even in the worst of times and … read more

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Critical Rules to Follow for New Product Development

Published on by John Teel

This is a guest post by Chris Hii who is an electronics designer at NeuronicWorks.

Designing smart, secure, and power efficient electronic devices is truly an art. The design process from concept, to prototype, to deployment can be long and … read more

Critical Tips for Working with Overseas Suppliers

Published on by John Teel

Many of today’s electronics are manufactured in Asia, and in particular the Greater China area. The benefits extend beyond low-cost labor and include a robust supply chain as well as significant technical expertise.

But to anyone new to hardware development, … read more

Business Models for Hardware Startups

Published on by John Teel

In this video you’ll learn about the pros and cons of various business models for hardware startups. Deciding on the business model for your startup is one of the most important decisions you will make.

The main focus of this … read more

12 Requirements to Succeed with a Hardware Startup

Published on by John Teel

You need a wide variety of skills in order to build a successful hardware startup.

Engineering, manufacturing, marketing, sales – they are all required skills. But they can also be outsourced (although marketing is usually best done by the founders). … read more

Why You Need to Stop Over-Focusing on Your Product

Published on by John Teel

It all starts with an idea. Many hardware entrepreneurs then spend months (or even years) specifying and mentally analyzing their product.

Once their product vision is solidified their next step is to protect their hypothetical product. So now they spend … read more

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Why You Must Simplify Your New Product Idea to Succeed

Published on by John Teel

I want to discuss something that I’ve come to realize is one of the most important early steps that a hardware entrepreneur can take. That step is to simplify your product without compromising on the key features that your customers … read more

Introduction to 3D Modeling Using Fusion 360

Published on by John Teel

In this video you’ll get an introduction to 3D modeling using the software Fusion 360 from Autodesk.

This short video is actually only a single lesson from an in-depth training course available for members of the Hardware Academy.

In the … read more

12 Ways to Fund Your Hardware Startup

Published on by John Teel

The odds are you are going to need some sort of outside funding at some point in order to get your product to market. If you are lucky enough to get your product to market without outside funding, you will … read more


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