Product-Market Validation: A Step-by-Step Guide

Published on by John Teel

Learn from an expert in product market validation why it is so important to validate your product idea before developing the actual product. You will also learn how to harness Facebook advertising to prove the appeal of your product, and to identify who exactly is willing to buy it. ... read more

Introduction to Marketing for Hardware Startups

Published on by John Teel

Many entrepreneurs ignore marketing their hardware product until after development is finished. In this article you will learn why this is a mistake, and instead how to market your product concurrently while you develop it. ... read more

Introduction to Rapid Hardware Development

Published on by John Teel

There is an accepted method of failing when it comes to developing something new and the phrase is “fail fast.” Startup culture is synonymous with this phrase and for good reason. The fail fast method for hardware is a bit of a different story. ... read more

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