Episode #19 – Importance of Technical Advisors and Product Simplification

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In this episode of the Predictable Designs Podcast I discuss the importance of finding a technical advisor, and how critical it is to get help upfront to simplify your product.

I share a couple of stories to highlight the importance of simplifying your product. One story is about an entrepreneur that likely saved at least $50,000 by eliminating one secondary feature of his product. READ MORE...

Episode #18 – Development Costs for Hardware Startups

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In this episode of the Predictable Designs Podcast the topic is all about development costs for hardware products.

I’m going to start by giving you some cost ranges for the different strategies of developing a product so you can have realistic expectations on all of the costs. READ MORE...

Episode #15 – How to Evaluate Suppliers and Manufacturers with Mike Morena and Shawn Litingtun

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In this episode of the Predictable Designs Podcast I speak with Mike Morena and Shawn Litingtun about how to evaluate suppliers and manufacturers.

Mike Morena started a successful medical device company called AdhereTech back in 2012 who’s core product is a smart bottle that helps to insure patients take their medicine on schedule. The product is now used by tens of thousands of patients. READ MORE...

Episode #10 – PCB Assembly and Design for Manufacturing (DFM) with Duane Benson of Screaming Circuits

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In this episode I speak with Duane Benson from Screaming Circuits which is a PCB assembly company located in the U.S. in Oregon that produces both prototypes and small volume production runs.

Duane and I discuss the process of manufacturing assembled PCBs, how to ensure their quality, the infeasibility of at-home PCB prototyping, and then we review various Design for Manufacturing (DFM) tips to help make your project go more smoothly. READ MORE...


Episode #7 – Concept to Market in One Year with Allen Walton of SpyGuy.com [Part 1]

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In this episode I’m speaking with hardware entrepreneur Allen Walton of SpyGuy.com. Allen successfully brought his new hardware product called the Scout to market in only about one year.

Allen has taken a rather unique path to market with his new product that has given him a big advantage. We’ll get into all of the details in my interview where we discuss all things from product validation, to development, to manufacturing, and to marketing and sales. READ MORE...