Episode #28: Marketing Lessons Learned with Fraser Vaage, Founder of Snik

Episode #28: Marketing Lessons Learned with Fraser Vaage, Founder of Snik

In this episode I speak with Fraser Vaage who is the founder of a hardware startup named Snik that is developing a new bicycle security device.

Fraser has a lot of marketing experience which is greatly benefiting his new startup. He is also fortunate enough to have as a mentor a mega-entrepreneur who sold his first company to Disney for $350 million.

Fraser is also a very active member of the Hardware Academy, and in fact he has recently partnered up with another member who will handle most of the product development while Fraser focuses on the marketing.

In our conversation we discuss a variety of topics around hardware startups but we focus especially on the marketing side of the equation.

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Fraser Vaage of Snik
Fraser Vaage, Founder of Snik

Links mentioned in the show:
Snik website
The Hardware Academy

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Paul Wells

It’s interesting to hear what you say about requiring a monthly subscription in your pricing model. What do you think about incentivising the first one thousand customers with a free subscription for life while explaining that subsequent customers will be have to pay a subscription?

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