Episode 30 : How to Execute Quickly with Miguel Hernandez of Palocam

Episode 30 : How to Execute Quickly with Miguel Hernandez of Palocam

In this episode of the Predictable Designs Podcast I speak with Hardware Academy member Miguel Hernandez. Miguel is the founder of Palocam which is a remote-controlled camera designed to be driven up metal poles for filming sporting events from above.

Miguel has made a lot of great progress and we discuss many topics related to product development, manufacturing, and marketing. The overall theme of this interview is how to get help, collect feedback, and execute quickly.

Miguel quickly implemented much of the advice he has gotten in the Academy and has already redesigned his prototype based on this feedback. This redesign drastically reduced his product complexity, manufacturing cost and assembly time.

Because Miguel has proven that he can take advice and execute quickly he has also already gotten a very significant investment offer from another Academy member.

This is an interview you do not want to miss!

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Miguel Hernandez, Creator of the PaloCam

Links mentioned in the show:
PaloCam website
The Hardware Academy

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