Episode 32 : How to Build an Audience for Your Product with Craig Rettew

Episode 32 : How to Build an Audience for Your Product with Craig Rettew

In this episode of the Predictable Designs Podcast I speak with electrical engineer Craig Rettew about how to build an audience for your product when you have no prior online marketing experience.

Craig is an amazing electronics engineer (and expert in the Hardware Academy) but he is relatively new to online marketing, but realizes the importance of building an audience for your product as early as possible.

We discuss online marketing, audience building, and crowdfunding. If you are new to any of these topics then you will not want to miss this episode!

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Craig Rettew

Links mentioned in the show:
Craig’s personal website
Craig’s engineering services website
The Hardware Academy

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Ahlam Fadhil Mahmood
Ahlam Fadhil Mahmood

Thinking for all your support

Tamara Whitlock

Thinking about the niche for the stomp switch, it would suit people who don’t want to take their hands off the keyboard: like gamers. Or people who are doing graphic design while listening to music.

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