Episode 31 : Product Simplification, Marketing, and Crowdfunding with Miguel Hernandez of Palocam

In this episode I continue my conversation with Miguel Hernandez who is the creator of the Palocam as we discuss product simplification, marketing, and crowdfunding.

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We discuss how Miguel has been able to drastically simplify his product design based on the feedback he’s gotten in the Hardware Academy. His design simplifications include reducing the number of custom injection molded plastic parts from 18 down to only a couple, and removing a complex, nice-to-have feature that wasn’t truly necessary.

These simplifications not only will save Miguel tens of thousands of dollars on injection molds, but it also allowed him to reduce his product assembly time by over 500%!

And, all of these simplifications significantly lowered his manufacturing cost without any negative impact on the product quality or functionality.

We also talk about marketing and crowdfunding in depth including the importance of estimating your costs so you can know how much money you need to raise.

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Miguel Hernandez, Creator of the PaloCam

Links mentioned in the show:
PaloCam website
The Hardware Academy

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