Advice and resources for entrepreneurs creating new electronic hardware products.

How to Validate Your New Product Idea

Published on by John Teel

Many entrepreneurs have so much confidence in their product idea, and are so sure that it will be a success, that they skip one of the most critical steps when bringing a product to market. That step is to first … read more

The 6 Parts of a Hardware Startup You Must Conquer to Succeed

Published on by John Teel

Even though I’m an electrical engineer that specializes in product development, I still think that most entrepreneurs tend to over-focus on product development.

One of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs and startups make, is they spend years on product … read more

Tools, Devices, and Gadgets for Novice Product Developers

Published on by John Teel

Product developers spend a lot of time interacting with various tools which are vital to the development phase. Whether it’s software, a mobile app, or hardware you are developing, these tools are critical to the success of your project.

Technology … read more

7 Strategies to Develop a New Product

There are multiple ways for you to develop a new physical product and bring it to market. However, the strategy that is best for you depends on your specific experience, your product, your team, and your finances. There is no … read more

How to Package Your New Hardware Product

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Every electronic product basically consists of three parts: the electronics, the enclosure, and the package. In my experience most entrepreneurs focus on the development of the electronics, and to a lesser extent on … read more

21 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Me

If you read this blog regularly you already know I’m passionate about electronics, product development, and entrepreneurship.

But those interests are no surprise for an engineer/entrepreneur. So I thought it might be fun to share some more surprising things about … read more


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