Resources for entrepreneurs developing new electronic hardware products.

Business Models for Hardware Startups

Published on by John Teel

In this video you’ll learn about the pros and cons of various business models for hardware startups. Deciding on the business model for your startup is one of the most important decisions you will make. ... read more

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Why You Must Simplify Your New Product Idea to Succeed

Published on by John Teel

I want to discuss something that I’ve come to realize is one of the most important early steps that a hardware entrepreneur can take. That step is to simplify your product without compromising on the key features that your customers require. ... read more

12 Ways to Fund Your Hardware Startup

Published on by John Teel

The odds are you are going to need some sort of outside funding at some point in order to get your product to market. If you are lucky enough to get your product to market without outside funding, you will surely require it to grow your company. ... read more

7 Strategies to Develop a New Product

There are multiple ways for you to develop a new physical product and bring it to market. However, the strategy that is best for you depends on your specific experience, your product, your team, and your finances. There is no … read more

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