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Design Reviews

Special Discount on Design Reviews (April 2021 Only)

This month only you can purchase design reviews at a significant discount. The amount of the discount depends on whether you are a member of my Hardware Academy platform and if so which plan you joined. The discount ranges from 10% up to 50% off.

Non-members: 10% discount (available to everyone)

Starter plan members: 20% discount (normally no discount)

Pro plan members: 30% discount (normally only a 10% discount)

Premium plan members: 50% discount (always available)

Independent design reviews are one of the best ways to lower your design risk and cost before prototyping a new product. Whether you are doing the design yourself, or outsourcing it to a developer, getting a 3rd-party design review is always the smart thing to do. It's much easer and cheaper to catch design issues earlier, ideally before you pay for prototypes. 

We offer three types of design reviews including: schematic circuit diagram, PCB layout design, and 3D model for an enclosure. You can purchase these reviews separately or purchase bundle packs to save money.

We follow in-depth checklists for all design reviews so you know you are getting a thorough review of your design. Here is the checklist we follow for schematic design reviews, the checklist for PCB layout design reviews, and the checklist for 3D model enclosure design reviews.

Follow-up design reviews: To ensure that all of the design suggestions were properly implemented it can be a good idea to have us also do a follow-up design review.  These can be purchased for an additional $100. However, if you are a Pro or Premium member of the Hardware Academy a follow-up review is included for no additional cost.

Buy now and use later: You can purchase your design review now in order to get this special discount, and then save it to use when your design is ready for review.

How long does a design review take? Design reviews typically take one week to complete.

If you are a Hardware Academy member please use these special links to get your extra discount: 

Starter (20% discount)

Pro (30% discount)

Premium (50% discount)

Note: These links will only work for active members with the correct plan, and you must be logged in to your Academy account.

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Single Design Review

Single design review of a schematic diagram, PCB layout, or 3D model.


10% off

Normally $399

Electronics Design Review

Design reviews of the schematic diagram and the PCB layout.


10% off

Normally $599

Full Product Design Review

Full product design review including schematic, PCB layout, and 3D model.


10% off

Normally $899

By purchasing a design review you agree to these terms and conditions which includes non-disclosure terms protecting any proprietary information that you share with Predictable Designs LLC.

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