Critical Tips for Working with Overseas Suppliers

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Many of today’s electronics are manufactured in Asia, and in particular the Greater China area. The benefits extend beyond low-cost labor and include a robust supply chain as well as significant technical expertise.

But to anyone new to hardware development, … read more


12 Requirements to Succeed with a Hardware Startup

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You need a wide variety of skills in order to build a successful hardware startup.

Engineering, manufacturing, marketing, sales – they are all required skills. But they can also be outsourced (although marketing is usually best done by the founders). … read more


Why You Need to Stop Over-Focusing on Your Product

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It all starts with an idea. Many hardware entrepreneurs then spend months (or even years) specifying and mentally analyzing their product.

Once their product vision is solidified their next step is to protect their hypothetical product. So now they spend … read more

7 Ways Hardware is Easier Today Than Ever

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Although hardware is known for being “hard” for good reason, it has never been easier to turn an idea in your head into a real-world product ready for sale.

Don’t get me wrong, hardware is still hard, in fact any … read more


The Industrial Designer’s Role in Developing New Products

This is a guest post by industrial designer Christian Theill.

The design of electronic devices almost always requires a multitude of professional skills: electronics, mechanics, production techniques, aesthetics, ergonomics, finance, commerce, communication, marketing and others. The conscious coordination of these … read more


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