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If you want to bring a new electronic product to market then here is how you do it faster, cheaper, and with less risk... more predictably.  The solution is called the Predictable Hardware Report.

Interview with Chris Gammell of Supplyframe, Inc. where we discuss the Predictable Hardware Report.

Predictable Hardware Report

An engineering review and detailed cost analysis for your new electronic hardware product.  All that is required is a detailed product description.

The Predictable Hardware Report is available in three versions:

Basic - Provides estimates for development, prototyping, and scaling costs only.  No actual development work is included with this version.

Standard - Everything in the Basic version plus you get a preliminary product design ("pre-design") with selection of all critical components, manufacturing cost estimates, and 14 days of private consulting time.  You also get recommendations for developers, suppliers, and manufacturers.

Premium - Everything in the Standard version plus you get a written engineering analysis of your product, block diagram of the electronics, and 60 days of private consulting time.

NOTE: The Standard and Premium versions are by far the most popular.  The Basic version provides an entry point for those on more limited budgets.  In almost all cases we highly recommend the Standard or Premium versions.




Engineering review

We perform an engineering review of your product in order to determine the development, scaling, and manufacturing complexity.

Development costs

Accurate estimates of the cost to develop and prototype the electronics, software, enclosure, and retail packaging.

Scaling costs

Accurate cost estimates for certification of the electronics (FCC, UL, CE, RoHS), setting up manufacturing, and other scaling costs (patents, liability insurance, factory auditing).

Timeline of major milestones

Detailed estimate of how long it will take to get your product to market.

Suggestions on how to lower costs

Specific strategies to reduce development, scaling, and manufacturing costs.

Strategies to reduce development risks

Specific strategies to reduce the risk to develop your product.

Preliminary product design ("pre-design")

We "pre-design" your product which means we design it enough to be able to accurately estimate the manufacturing cost.

Selection of major electronic components

We select all the major electronic components for your product in order to estimate the manufacturing cost.

Manufacturing cost (Cost of Goods Sold - COGS)

Accurate estimate of the manufacturing cost for your product.  Includes the electronic component costs, assembled PCB, enclosure, mechanical parts, product assembly, quality testing, scrap, returns, logistics, and duties.

Manufacturing cost by product feature

Knowing the cost for each feature allows you to select the most cost effective feature set for your product.

Recommended developers, suppliers & manufacturers

We recommend the best developers, suppliers, and manufacturers for your product.

Profit and sales price estimations

We provide the suggested retail price and profit margins based on the estimated manufacturing cost.

Certified by Predictable Designs

Include Certified by Predictable Designs on your investor and crowdfunding materials to improve your chance of securing funding.

Private consulting

After the completion of your report you'll be able to ask all the questions you wish via email about the report and how you should best move forward. You can also ask questions while the report is in progress.

7 days

14 days

60 days

Introductory phone consultation

Introductory phone consultation to discuss your product before your report is started. (20 minutes)

Post phone consultation

Phone consultation after the report is completed to discuss your results. (30 minutes)

Block diagram design of the electronics

Detailed high-level design of your product's electronics showing all of the critical components and how they interface.

Detailed engineering analysis

Written engineering analysis that includes details on the component selections, suggested alternative technologies, thoughts to improve the product, general advice, and more.


"The hardware report is an excellent investment to launch a successful hardware product."

Offering the most cost-effective components to build the hardware, the report is an excellent guide to design high-quality hardware for an optimal price. The report also provides break-downs of the cost involved at each stage of product development such as costs for electronics, mechanical enclosures, firmware etc. Gaining accurate cost estimates help with planning to raise the capital needed for the project and also identify cost savings. The report is followed up by an excellent consulting service.

Joseph Anoop Founder, Magnima

"Makes a very unpredictable area for startups VERY predictable. Absolutely what we needed at this early stage."

Cost estimates for our hardware needs were perfect and incredibly detailed. Very professionally done and makes it appear that we really did do our homework on the hardware needs of our young startup! Highly recommend as one can spend a small sum of precious capital instead of expensive guessing to arrive at very solid estimates!

Scott B. Peterson Founder,, Inc.


"Gave me the visibility into every part of the product cycle and helped me make key product decisions."

Easily paid for itself in both helping me spot areas of product risk and in giving me an education in what it takes to get a hardware product to market. As a hardware product first timer like myself, I needed to understand development and manufacturing costs to know if I should even pursue my idea.

Steve August Founder, Poinyent

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with your report I will give you a full refund. But, I guarantee you will be happy!

Frequently Asked Questions

How far along do I need to be with my product?  What information do I need to provide?

Can I ask questions about my report?

Can we talk on the phone?

Will my report include a cost breakdown for every feature?

I don't live in the U.S. so is this report still applicable to me?

What file format is the report?

I have a Proof-of-Concept (POC) prototype based on an Arduino. Don't you need my prototype in order to create an accurate report?

What if my product is impossible to develop or manufacture?

I've already picked the engineer or firm I want to design my product, why should I get this report?

What type of products qualify for this report?

What does it mean to "pre-design" my product?

How can you calculate the production cost before the product is developed?

If I'm not happy with the report can I get a refund?

How long does it take to complete the report?

How accurate are the estimates?

Can't I just get free estimates for all of these costs by requesting quotes from product design firms?

Is the information I share kept strictly confidential?  Do you sign an NDA?

Can I use the Predictable Designs name in my investor materials?

Shouldn't I instead work with a local designer?  

Can I upgrade to a higher report version later?

DISCLAIMER: Many of the costs specified in this report are estimates only. Predictable Designs assumes no responsibility or liability for any differences from the final costs.

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