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How To Sell Your New Product and Grow Your Revenue

Published on by John Teel

There are lots of ways to sell and distribute a new physical hardware product, and each option has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Making the right choice will depend on various factors like your product itself, your product’s retail price, … read more

How to Choose the Right Arduino Board for Your Project

Published on by John Teel

Arduino is one of the most popular open-source electronics platforms that offers a range of microcontroller boards, tools, and accessories for creating interactive projects and digital gadgets.

Due to its popularity among hobbyists, academics, and professionals, Arduino boards are made … read more

Can You Use a Raspberry Pi for Mass Production?

Published on by John Teel

A common question I get is whether or not it’s possible to use a Raspberry Pi board inside a commercial product that will be mass manufactured?

But more importantly, the question you should be asking is should you use one … read more

Arduino in a Commercial Product? [YouTube]

Published on by John Teel

Some of the questions I’ll answer in this video include:

Can an Arduino be used in a commercial product?

Should an Arduino be used in a commercial product?

If not, then why not, and how do you migrate from Arduino … read more

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