How to Hire the Best Engineers to Develop Your New Product

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As a designer for Texas Instruments, and through Predictable Designs, I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the smartest engineers in the world.

I’ve worked with or hired people from India, China, Russia, the U.K., Germany, Mexico, Malaysia, Canada and others. So, don’t discount a potential engineer because of the country they work in. Don’t assume that hiring a developer overseas is always too risky. READ MORE...


How Much Should You Charge for Your New Product?

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Choosing your product’s optimal price is an extremely important decision that should be made as soon as possible. In general, if your product is priced too high then it won’t sell well. If your product is priced too low, you won’t be able to make a decent profit. READ MORE...


The Industrial Designer’s Role in Developing New Products

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This is a guest post by industrial designer Christian Theill.

The design of electronic devices almost always requires a multitude of professional skills: electronics, mechanics, production techniques, aesthetics, ergonomics, finance, commerce, communication, marketing and others. The conscious coordination of these disciplines is vital for the success of your project. READ MORE...


What Path Should a Techie Follow to Bring a New Product to Market?

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I’m going to start with a story about an engineer named Gary.

Like many engineers and makers, as a child Gary always loved playing with electronics and computers, so it was no surprise that he ended up with an electrical engineering degree. He spent his free time as a teenager tinkering around with circuit boards and building odd ball things like a dial joke machine. READ MORE...

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12 Tips to Save Money Getting Your Hardware Product to Market

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Developing a new electronic product is never cheap, but in this article I’m going to share with you 12 tips to significantly lower your costs.

Minimizing your costs is even more important in the early stages of development. Goal number one should be getting your product to market as quickly and cheaply as possible. READ MORE...

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How to Add Audio Features to Your Embedded Product

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Embedded applications often need to reproduce sound. Whether you need simple prompts, chimes, rings or music clips, having the ability to reproduce pre-recorded audio can greatly enhance the UI (User Interface) of many embedded applications. READ MORE...


A Practical Guide to Using an Oscilloscope

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An oscilloscope, frequently referred to in the trade as a scope, is an essential diagnostic tool used in any serious electronic circuit design activities.

A scope provides a time-stamped, running clip of a signal at the point of measurement. The signal in this case is simply an input voltage. READ MORE...

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Introduction to Embedded Firmware Development

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An embedded system is a stand alone, intelligent system dedicated to running a set of tasks, or an application, from the moment it is powered on.

This is in contrast to the way an application is started on a desktop or similar device, where the user does not have to specifically load anything. READ MORE...

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Wireless Sensor Communications Network – IoT Case Study

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Given the explosion of Internet-of-Things (IoT) capable products, I wanted to go into more detail on how to add wireless sensors to your new product.

This article describes a simple system, and a communication protocol, that can be used to implement a two-way, low-speed, polled star network. While not suitable for all applications, there is a surprising range of applications where this setup could be used. READ MORE...


Electronic Lab Setup – Tools and Equipment Requirements

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If you are a maker or engineer planning to develop your own electronic product, then you’re going to need a way to test, program, and debug the electronics. In this article we will discuss how you can construct your very own lab setup for testing out all your product concepts. READ MORE...

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Introduction to the Ultra High-Performance STM32H7 32-bit Microcontroller

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The STM32H7 is the most powerful member of the popular STM32 family of 32-bit microcontrollers based on ARM Cortex-M cores, and offered by ST Microelectronics.

This microcontroller can be clocked at speeds up to 480 MHz with a benchmark performance greater than 1,000 DMIPS. This is one of the fastest, most powerful microcontrollers currently available on the market. READ MORE...


Introduction to the ESP32 WiFi / Bluetooth Wireless Microcontroller

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The ESP32 is a very versatile System On a Chip (SoC) that can be used as a general purpose microcontroller with quite an extensive set of peripherals, including wireless capabilities.

Manufactured by Shanghai based Espressif Systems, the ESP32 costs less than $5. It’s quite popular with the maker community, but is also a good low-cost solution for mass production. READ MORE...

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